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Totango Tags, Triggers & Alerts

Amit Levi
posted this on November 25, 2012 07:29

Each customer is at different stages with your app and should be treated just so.  Use Totango Tags to define these stages and transition customers as they make progress. 

In these tutorials, we'll define two stages Onboarding (new customers using our application) and Established (reached their first value point) and use that for our walk throughs


Create an onboarding flow

Create an onboarding tag to separate new and established customers

Trigger add/remove tags to automatically track each accounts' status.

CSM can tag accounts to communicate and manage status



Add Risk Levels

Add "Red", "Yellow", "Green" risk levels to onboarding and establishes accounts



Create Insights

Identify key account milestones and accomplishments and export them automatically to Salesforce.


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Follows and Alerts

Totango powerful email notifications and alerts make it easy for each team-member to get real-time alerts and daily updates on the accounts they care about. 

Follow an Account

Get daily updates on account activities

Great for tracking your "account short-list" -- the accounts you care about the most




Follow an Active-list

Get daily updates on account segments you care about (at-risk, new-onboarding, ...)

Personalized updates for each CSM and the accounts they manage - a daily TODO list 



Real-time Alerts

Real-time alerts as events happen. For example, send a email to the internal success-team when a new paying customer signups.

Great for an office-wide "customer engagement drumbeat"