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Campaign Dynamic Links

With Dynamic Links, Totango enables you to increase engagement and goal conversions from your Customer Success Campaigns. You can add them to a call-to-action button, in the email message, and closing signatures. Dynamic links are meant to save you and your customers time while personalizing your Campaigns, increase campaign engagement and conversion!



Example Use Cases

  • As a CSM, I would like to receive feedback about the onboarding process.
    The users that will provide the feedback have different roles/titles in the onboarding process.
    I would like to send a unique survey to every user based on their individual role, which will be aligned to their own onboarding experience.
    I created 3 different surveys and plan to use Totango’s Campaign Dynamic Links to send each survey automatically based on the individual user role.

  • As a CSM, I want to send a webinar invite to users which will save them time by automatically fill out the webinar form for them. I will use Campaign Dynamic Links to automatically fill out the form based on their user attributes. 

Where Do I Find Dynamic Links?

Within the Campaign content editor.
Note, you can use dynamic links for a call-to-action button, an email message, and your closing signature.


For more information, contact your CSM.

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