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Reports New User Interface

Using Totango reports lets you visualize and understand trends over time, monitor fluctuations, and track segments' changes.
With the new reports UI, your experience is now better, faster, and easier to manage. With the fresh new look and feel, it is easier to view critical information, understand segments trends, edit the report, manage your segments and breakdowns, and filter the report data.

We have also added more filtering options and moved to a more robust infrastructure.

Most importantly, all your saved reports are fully functional in the new UI.



Let's take a look at the new UI

  • At the top of the page is the report title and description. You can edit it by clicking on the gear button on the right side of the top section

  • You can filter the report using Totango's segmentation engine including all the familiar filtering options. You include the filter in the saved report.

  • You can change the timeframe of the report and even select a custom range.

  • You can change the main trendline visual to display distribution or numeric results.

  • You can add new segment, edit a segment, or remove it.

    Click on the gear icon to edit a segment. 

    You can also click on every segment value to review the segment accounts details.

  • You can download trendline and breakdown data, just look for the download icon.

  • You can add new breakdown, edit a breakdown, or remove it.

    Click on the gear icon to view all breakdown options.

Where to find it?

Open any saved report or create a new report.

For more information, contact your CSM.

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