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New Reports, Dynamic links in emails and more - 8.9 - January 26th 2017

  • New reports UI -  Using Totango fresh reports let you visualize and understand trends over time, monitor fluctuations and track change segment.

  • Dynamic links - With Dynamic Links, Totango enables you to increase engagement and goal conversions from your Customer Success Campaigns.
    Dynamic links are meant to save you and your customers time while personalizing your Campaigns, increase campaign engagement and conversion.
    Read more here.

  • Attribute editing in Segments (inline and bulk) - You can easily update attribute data on the fly like you would do in a spreadsheet. You can easily update attributes for multiple accounts.

  • Canceled accounts In account profile - You can now get visibility into canceled products or subaccounts. *Enterprise package only

  • Integration hub improvements:
      • You can upload more named attributes with the new extended list.
      • The order of data sources list has changed, so now you are able to view the most recent data file at the top of the list.


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