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How to Create an Impact Step and Expand Customer Success at your Company

What is an Impact Step?

Impact Steps allow anyone within your company to request help and recruit other customer champions to volunteer to participate in actions that benefit the customer. As a feature of Zoe, Impact Steps provide visibility into who has volunteered for each Impact Step and the commitments each person has made. By rallying around the customer cause, your company's culture becomes truly customer-centric.

When would I create an Impact Step?

Here are some examples of use cases:

  • As a Customer Success Manager (CSM), I am reviewing a segment that contains my upcoming Q3 customers in poor health, and I see that my portfolio value at risk of churn is higher than I expected. I need ideas and help saving these customers.

I can create an Impact Step on this Segment to ask for ideas from other people in my company and ask them to volunteer to help.

  • As a CSM, I am preparing for an on-site customer training session tomorrow, and I’m experiencing technical issues with the Machine Learning Insights module.

Before panicking, I can ask Zoe to create an Impact Step on the Account that’s having the issue and post it in the customer success, product, and engineering Slack channel, asking for urgent help.  

  • As a growth hacker, I’m analyzing our mobile app adoption email campaign, whose goal is to increase mobile app adoption. I see that the campaign emails were read and people downloaded the app, but we’re still far from achieving our adoption goal.

I can create an Impact Step on this Campaign to ask experts in other departments to help me achieve this customer-centric goal to increase mobile app adoption.

Where can I create an  Impact Step in the Customer Success Center?

The Zoe button is always in the bottom-right corner of the Totango Customer Success Center (CSC), and you can create an Impact Step from within Zoe by clicking the “Create Impact” button.




What are the steps to create an Impact Step in Zoe?

After clicking the “Create Impact” button in Zoe, you’ll write a description of the customer impact you’re trying to make, and tag anyone in your company if you have a specific message for them. You then choose an attachment, which is the Totango asset that your Impact Step is associated to. This can be any asset in Totango, including Accounts, Segments, Campaigns, Users, SuccessPlays, and Reports. You then choose the Slack channel in which you want to share the Impact Step, and tag any additional customer champions you want to specifically ask for help. Finally, select a due date for the Impact Step, and then hit publish.

You can also follow the steps in this animation to complete the creation process.



How can I ask others to volunteer for my Impact Step in Slack?

Managing, joining, and monitoring Impact Steps in Slack are easy with Zoe. Zoe guides the intuitive process conversationally, removing any friction.

Watch the animation below to see the entire flow of joining and participating in Impact Steps in Slack.



How can I find Impact Steps in Slack?

Zoe will inform you if there have been any changes in the Impact Steps you have created or joined, by mentioning you on Slack.

To check the status on an Impact Step, just say “@zoe update me on impact-12”.

If you do not know the impact number for the Impact Step you’re looking for, you can type “@zoe update me on impact”, and Zoe will display the most relevant Impact Step.

If the Impact Step Zoe chooses is not the Impact Step you’re looking for, you can click  the “Wrong Impact” button to search others.




Q & A

  • I created an Impact Step about a Segment. Can I see the accounts in that segment without logging into Totango?

If you click on the Segment link that appears in Slack, you will be directed to the Segment in Totango, which you can only view by logging into Totango. However, you can have your Totango admin add the Segment to your Zoe Segments, which you can then view in Slack. Read more about how to view segments in Slack here.

  • Can I create Impact Steps with custom attachments (like my latest QBR)?  

No. You can only create an Impact Steps attached to a Totango objects, but that can be any asset in Totango, including Accounts, Users, SuccessPlays, Segments, Reports, and Campaigns.

  • attachments.png

  • My company does not use Slack. Can I create, find, and participate Impact Steps in other tools?

Zoe’s first integration is with Slack. We will have additional integrations with other messaging tools in the future. 


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