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Streamline Workflows by Adding Totango Touchpoints or Tasks from External Web Apps

This article describes how to create a Touchpoint, Task, or Forecast in Totango from an external web application (such as Salesforce, Zendesk, and more).

User Benefits:

Modern businesses leverage a range of cloud-based tools to optimize their workflows from internal collaborations to external customer management. Two main ways businesses can effectively manage their customers is by creating tasks and collecting data. This why we at Totango have created an easy way for our users to collect customer data and create actionable tasks straight from their cloud tools of choice. This way, Totango users become more efficient and streamlined in their current workflow while becoming more customer-centric. 

Use Cases:

  • As a user, I am using an internal system to analyze at-risk customers and would like to notify the responsible CSM by adding a task directly right from our internal system. 
  • In my company, the Upsell Team is mostly working within Salesforce. Now my colleagues on that team can add their activities to the customer timeline directly from Salesforce into Totango.

How To Implement it?

Opening a Totango task or touchpoint dialog window from an external system is done by using deep links.

These deep links should be implemented in the external system.

You can trigger these deep links from any web app by adding link or a button. 

Using the deep link will open the task/touchpoint dialog as a new tab/window in your browser.  

See below for an example of triggering a deep link from SFDC using a button. 



This is the deep link format:<account name>?openModal=touchpoint
For example,

In the same manner, you can also open a Totango task dialog or a forecast dialog: (edited)


Note: You will need a Totango user to add a task, touchpoint, or forecast.

For more information, reach out to your CSM.

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