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Enterprise Health for Account Hierarchies


Enterprise Edition just got more advanced with new capabilities to reflect the accurate health of every level of the hierarchy in real-time in a new feature called Enterprise Health.

Enterprise Health gives Enterprise-tier customers the ability to drive even more value across their sub-accounts, products, channels, and installs by understanding how customer health differs across various levels of your account hierarchies.

Here are just a few benefits of using Enterprise Health:

  1. View the health of all levels of the hierarchy directly from the account profile page
  2. Proactively improve health with parent-level targeted Campaigns and SuccessPlays
  3. Be able to communicate to key stakeholders at every parent account level why changes in health occurred

Similar to how product health is shown today, the health of each level in the account hierarchy is represented by 3 statuses: Green for Good Health, Yellow for Average Health, and Red for Poor Health.

Now with Enterprise Health, parent-level health accurately reflects the health of all of its child accounts or products. It is calculated based off the health of its child accounts based of one of the following two methods:

  1. As a percentage of sub accounts in good/average/poor health segments
  2. As a percentage of contract value of sub accounts in good/average/poor health segments

Determining which method is right for your business and how to get started with this new enhancement to Enterprise Edition are explained in the following sections.


Which configuration method should I use?

The decision for this is different for every company and its usually based on the way your account hierarchy is structured and the way your company chooses to refer to a health of an account.

In general, if your company would like to signal faster on the health of accounts with relative high contract value, choose the Weighted by contract value method. This will give the accounts with the highest contract value more weight in the calculation of parent health versus the second method, Weighted by the % of sub-accounts, which will weight all accounts equally and calculate parent health by the volume of accounts, not contract value. If all accounts are considered equal, then the right method for you is % of sub accounts.

Once you select one of the methods, the diagram on the right side will demonstrate the logic of the calculation.

Health Calculation Methods

- % of sub accounts

  • When the defined percentage of sub accounts is green, the immediate parent account is green
  • When the defined percentage of sub accounts is red, the immediate parent account is red
  • When neither good or poor health criteria is met, the immediate parent account is yellow (average health)



- % of contract value

  • When the subtotal of contract value of all green (healthy) sub accounts is above the specific percentage defined, the parent account is green.
  • When the defined percentage of sub accounts’ subtotaled contract value is in a poor health, the parent account is red.
  • When neither good or poor health criteria is met, the immediate parent account is yellow (average health)



How do I start using the feature?

To activate the feature, your Totango admin should visit the Health section under Settings. There is a new tab called “Enterprise Health.”

Turn on the feature switch so it says YES, as shown below.


Enterprise Health in the Account Profile

Once the feature is activated, you will see the representation of health of all levels of the hierarchy in two places: in the account hierarchy sub-menus (bread crumbs) across the top, and in the Health widget on the account profile page.

In the account sub-menus, each account will show its health next to its name, as shown below.


On the account profile page in the Health widget, you can now see the health of the parent account, the distribution of the sub accounts shown in the health donut, and the reason why the parent health is currently healthy or in poor health.  See the diagram below.


 Further below the parent health donut, you can read more details on the health of the sub-accounts or products that “roll-up” to the parent health.



Retroactively Calculate Health

Once you enable the Enterprise Health feature and would like to have correct historical values for parent accounts, your Totango admin can now re-run daily health calculations for past time periods.

Navigate to the the Health Settings page and click “Recalculate health” to a date range of up to 180 days. Health will be recalculated for that period applying the newly-defined health configuration and overriding past values.


Using Enterprise Health Throughout Totango

How to Leverage Enterprise Health in SuccessPlays and Campaigns? 

Health at the parent level can now be used in segmentation. You can trigger tasks, Campaigns and Successplays based on the new parent health values.

Customer Health Console

Health Console will take into account new parent account health when it displays the health for different segments.

Enterprise Health in Zoe

Zoe will now present health for each parent account within an enterprise hierarchy.


Other Resources

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