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Retroactively Calculate Health

Health calculation for the last 180 days 

As a Totango admin, you can now re-run daily health calculation for past periods.

Navigate to the the Health Settings page and click “Re-Calcualtlae health” to a date range of up to 180 days.  

 Health (both at account and enterprise account levels) will be recalculated for that period applying the newly- defined health configuration and overriding past values.

 This is useful if:

  • You make a change to your health formula and would like to apply it to past dates
  • You enable Enterprise health feature and would like to have correct historical values for parent accounts

 Keep in mind that if you have a large account base it may take Totango several hours to complete the full re-processing of data. You can follow progress along from the Health Settings page.

Thee* button in the heath configuration page in the admin settings.   Once the re-calculation is done you will get visibility in the parent account for past duration .


Health at the parent level can now be used in segmentation. You can now trigger tasks, campaigns and success play based on its value.


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