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Zoe June features - 1.3 - June 20, 2017


  •  Anyone can add Touchpoints directly from Slack and un-silo customer data!

    You know you’re not the only one who interacts with your customers. With Zoe's newest feature, everyone in your company can add interactions as Touchpoints to Totango accounts, without leaving Slack. This allows your company to aggregate siloed information into a central, accessible location.

    See the animation below to see how it’s done:



  • Slack direct message settings - add the option for a Totango admin to opt-out his company from Zoe DMs.

    We can send messages in Slack from Zoe, directly to your teammates who are on that Slack instance. This has proven to be the most effective way to educate your company about how they can access customer data and focus all of their actions on customer success.

    You can control if your company will get these messages. On the Slack Integration page, there’s a tab called “Direct Message Settings” where you can choose which types of messages we can send your company: training messages about how to get value from Zoe (maximum 1 message per week), occasional announcements when Zoe learns new things



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