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Analyze a Full Year of Data in 365 Day Chart View

Do you have seasonality or cycles that drive user behavior in your products? With 365 Day Chart View, Enterprise Edition customers can analyze an entire year’s trendline of data for any numeric attribute or metric for every customer on their Account Profile page. These chart views will definitely highlight trends and new insights for many key data points you track!


Example Use Cases:

  • As a project-based company that deals with long-term projects, we are using past user behavior to understand next steps and project upsell opportunities. Using 1-year trend data, we can understand the module usage last year and use this data in the coming renewal discussion.
  • As a product manager, I analyzed the increase of conversion of the VIP customer group. I selected five VIP customers and analyzed their conversion metric yearly trend. I found that their massive increase all occurred in the same month, which is the same month we released a new retargeting feature. This is a great insight, and I will share it with the upsell team so they can promote this feature during their own upsell conversations.

Where can I find this feature

In any account profile, click on the chart icon to view the metric or attribute trend.


365 Day Chart View in Account Profile usage tab:



365 Day Chart View in Account Profile information tab:



365 Day Chart View in Account Profile key metrics widget
Click on the metric name or the chart icon to view the metric trend.





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