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Analyze Trends for Any Metric in Totango Reports

The Totango Customer Success Center has analytics capabilities that are unparalleled in the marketplace. Specifically, the Reports module offers invaluable views of patterns over time for metrics such as user behavior, customer renewal, and churn. Reports help you make business-critical decisions with visibility into inflection points and patterns, and monitor the results of your chosen course of action.

With the newest ability, Reports & Trends for Any Metric, you can select and analyze any metric in your usage reports (e.g. active users, license utilization), revenue reports, make-your-execs-happy reports, to now see the past 365 day trend. This will enable you and your team to make the most informed decisions possible, in an easy to use way.


Example Use Cases

  • As a VP of Customer Success, I would like to analyze the trend of Contract Value at risk. In the past month, I created a task force to mitigate the risk, and now I want to monitor their progress to determine next steps.
    I can create a Report showing the Contract Value trend for my customers in poor health.


  • As a Customer Success Manager, I would like to see how my users are using the sticky features within my product.
    I can create a report with five distinct trend lines (one for each sticky feature) and use Weekly Active Users as the metric.




Where can I select my own segment metric?
In the Reports tab of the Customer Success Center, you can define the segment metric in the “Segment Settings” dialog.
Watch the animation below to see how to select a segment metric:










Which metrics can I use?
You can select any usage, numeric attribute, support ticket, rollup or any custom metric.

How to change x-axis magnitude
You can select the main chart x-axis magnitude to display daily trend, weekly trend or monthly trend.


How do I read the Report

  • As demonstrated in the example below, you can see the last day Contract Value sum for accounts in poor health in the top section, and trend since the beginning of the year in the graph section. Each data point in the graph represents the daily sum of Contract Value for all accounts in poor health on that particular day.




  • The graph below shows the sum and trend of Weekly Active Users. Each data point represents the sum of active users for the past 7 days for each feature. For example, on June 26th, you see the sum of users who were active in the past 7 days.






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