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Measure Long-Term Adoption with 365 Day Analytics

With 365 Day Analytics, you can now aggregate, view, and incorporate any metric change over the last year throughout Totango’s platform (segments, health settings, and more), helping you measure long-term adoption and reveal seasonal trends. Limited to Enterprise Edition customers, they can now view past user behavior or account-level data from within the new timeframes of 180 or 365 days and view it as a trend in order to accurately analyze, report, and configure health.


Example Use Cases:

  • E-commerce companies have a large spike of business at the end of every year. Before Q4 starts, they view user behavior from last year with the 180/365-day aggregation capability, giving them the information they need to prepare for this EOY business spike.
  • An HR survey software company should send each client a survey about salaries or satisfaction every 6 months. So if a client does not initiate a survey at least once a quarter, a churn risk flag should be raised! With 180/365-day aggregation, the company can add clients who did not initiate a survey within the last 180 days as a definition for poor health.

Where can I find 365 Day Analytics

The aggregation capability is implemented across the Totango Customer Success Center, including account profile, segments, and health.


Account profile widgets:



Account profile usage tab:



Segment filters:




Segment columns:



Health settings:




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