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Getting Started


An Early Warning System (EWS) provides each member of the customer-success team with a set of alerts and active-monitors on their portfolio, notifying them about customers that require their attention and making it easy for them to follow-up and take the appropriate action.

The EWS is suitable for teams operating in a high- to medium- touch engagement model. For Low touch teams, please see our documentation on campaigns.



  • Team becomes more proactive and data-driven, and ultimately more effective in preventing churn and creating upsell opportunities.
  • A Health Score is attached to each customer, forming an objective, consistent metric to track customer success across the entire customer base.
  • Team-member use a portfolio management approach towards customer management. CSMs perform ongoing health-checkins and utilize a set of CSM Lists to monitor their customer base, flag those that require attention and document their actions.   
  • Team leads can produce an executive report to share the status of customer health with executives or the entire organization



There are 3 key parts in setting up the solution which are outlined below. 

We're here to help!

Your Totango Customer Success Manager will help walk you through these steps and customize things for your needs. Be sure to schedule your kick-off call if you hadn't done so yet.

Data integration

For Totango to function, data about your customers needs to be integrated into the platform. Detailed technical documentation is available under Technical integration documentation

Make sure you review these articles and include them in your integration planning worksheet:

  1. Review the Defining the Customer Health to identify 5 metrics for health modeling.   

  2. Review EWS - Technical considerations to identify the mandatory business attributes needed for the early warning system. These will typically come from your CRM system.


Totango configuration

The articles in this solution guide go over the main customization and setup options for the solution. Use the check-list below to make sure you cover the key parts:

  1. Health-profiles & scorecards: Update the default health score based on your application and customer-success engagement model

  2. Portfolio settings: Make sure Totango can associate customers with team-members

  3. CSM lists: Customize the definition of customer-milestones and define team playbook for each. 

  4. Reports: Customize the CS Team weekly and executive report to your organization


Solution roll out

Once everything is ready, it's time to invite your team to use Totango! 

Please contact your Totango Success Manager to schedule the following: 

  1. Schedule a training session for your team

  2. Configuration tune-up 30-days after initial roll-out to refine scoring and segmentation. 
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