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Setting up CSM portfolio management

CSM Portfolio Management Overview

Once you have your Customer Health Score setup and providing live scoring for your customer-base, your customer success team can start using Totango to better manage their individual portfolio of customers. 


By logging into Totango everyday (through either our native application or directly on each team-member will:

  1. Get alerted when a customer's health changes
  2. Mark accounts that require attention and get regular updates on them by Totango
  3. Document their actions in the customer's timeline


Setting up Customer Portfolios

For Profolio Management to work properly, Totango needs to  know which customers are assigned to which team member(s).  Totango can then route alerts to the right person and personalize lists and reports for the team member viewing them.

Totango assumes account ownership is already defined within your Salesforce CRM (either the Account Owner and/or a custom field). You will need to use that Salesforce fields as the source for the Totango Success Manager attribute.  

Please refer to “Associated accounts with team members” for detailed instructions.

Alternatively, team members can setup their portfolio by selecting "Portfolio Settings" when they login to Totango. This will allow them to specify which accounts are to be included in their Portfolio.

This is also useful for team-members that do not personally own accounts  but would like to track all or some customers (example: a team leader or the company CEO)

NOTE: Customers can be in more than one team-member's portfolio.  



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