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CSM portfolio lists


In addition to health alerts, your team should use Totango to actively monitor their portfolio and identify customers that reach important milestones on their customer journey. 

Examples are when product engagement drops below a certain level, when a client starts using a key product feature, or even when a periodic business review is due. 

Totango enables this through Lists, each representing customers at the different stage on the customer journey. CSMs on the team check lists on a weekly basis and build their action plans accordingly. You can also attach resources and best practices for the account manager, to help them drive the customer forward with confidence.  

Of course, lists can and should be customized to match the specifics of your product. Used together will your Health Score, they form a playbook for your customer success team.

Recommended Portfolio Lists

Lists  are broken into two general types:

  • Periodic Checkins: Designed to ensure the team reaches out to customers regularly in a structured manner
  • Event based Checkins: Which trigger  when the customer does something (like start using a new feature or has a drop in product engagement). 



Periodic Checkins 

Periodic checkins are time-based milestones that prompt the managing customer success manager to reach out to the client on a regular basis and conduct a periodic business review. This is an opportunity for the CSM to:

  1. Assess the health of the customer (by reviewing customer's Health Score and profile details on Totango). Think of it as a routine check-in at the doctor.  

  2. If the customer is doing well, explore new value-creation opportunities by identifying new business needs or sharing recent product enhancements that the customer  may find beneficial. The goal is to guide the customers to more value and deeper adoption. 

  3. If the customer is doing poorly, The CSM should focus on creating a mutual get-well plan designed to get the customer back on track. This may involve identifying the root-cause,  creating an escalating plan and removing  technical or business obstacles for the client. 


By default Totango suggests targeting  reviews every quarter (aka Quarterly Business Review)  to maintain a steady communication cadence with every customer. Of course, this needs to fit your team's structure and staffing so you can customize this to fit your desired engagement model. 

Another good best practice is to schedule a review immediately after the customer has concluded initial onboarding and began using the application. This is a good early touchpoint to review feedback form the onboarding process, deal with any early usage problems or drive momentum with executive sponsors (where applicable). By default, this is set to 30 days after the account was created. 

TIP: We recommend targeting reviews at each customer's 3/6/9/12 subscription anniversary, as opposed to at the start or end of a quarter. This not only makes more sense for the client, but also spreads the load throughout the quarter for the team.   



Event based Check-ins

Event based Check ins are designed to drive the customer-success team to proactively reach out to customers when something changes in their usage patterns that may indicate they require attention. 

These can be positive (e.g. customer started using a key new module in the application) or negative (decline in product usage). Each such event should be associated with a default action the CSM should follow. 

Totango's default configuration has a number of standards events to follow. Because  applications commonly also have additional, domain specific events (e.g. specific  new function in the application is being used), we definitely suggest you customize this list to match the nature of your application. 



My Command Center Report

For easy access, the default Totango configuration has a report called 'My Command Center' which aggregates the key CSM lists into a single report. This serves as a central location where the CSM can access his/her daily accounts. 

When customizing the EWS for your needs, you can modify the customer-segments that will be presented, as well as add additional breakdowns that are relevant to your service


Customizing CSM Portfolio Lists

CSM Portfolio lists are accessible from the Accounts page in Totango, under the My Portfolio folder.  Default lists in the baseline configuration are shown below. You should customize them by:

  1. Modify the Periodic Check-in lists if you'd like to use a different cadence for periodic checkins than the suggested default. 

  2. Add / Remove lists that capture key events & milestones you want your team to react to. The most common example is when a customer starts using a key feature in your application for the first time and you want to ensure the managing CSM reaches out with best practices. 

  3. Update the playbook text with the recommended action. If you have them, link to best practices documents available in your team's knowledge-base (email templates, FAQ, relevant training materials) 

Once you define your lists, be sure to update the 'My Command Center Report" to include the key lists you want the CSM to follow on an ongoing basis. 


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