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Customer success weekly review meeting report

Weekly customer standup meetings

Totango is very helpful for customer success review meetings, which most team run on a weekly basis.

Typically, the meeting is short (30minutes) with participation from all team members. Account status updates for key accounts are reviewed are each team member reviews major risks or opportunities within their portfolio.

You can use Totango to create a helpful report to use as an interactive dashboard during the meeting. 

Accessing the Weekly Report is done through the Reports page on Totango, and create a report called "CS Weekly Meeting Report" like the one below. 

Click on the number of accounts to view the list of accounts in the segment.


In the account list dialog, you can click on "Go To Segment" to display the content of the segment. 

Review breakdowns on the bottom to see how the different segments divide by Success Manager and Status of accounts. 

Click on any name to filter the report to that person or segment. 

Customize the Totango weekly standup meeting report

You may want to customize this report by:

  1. Add or remove segments of interest. For example, if you'd like to track a new segment of customers or remove one of the defaults

  2. Add or remove breakdowns. For example, if you have important attributes by which you typically review customers

  3. Create a separate weekly report for accounts in different plans (e.g. Enterprise vs. Standard edition). This is useful if your customer base is large and you have different teams (and team standup meetings!) for each


For more information, contact your CSM...  

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