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Technical Implementation Considerations

To best implement the Early Warning System, keep the following in mind when integrating data into Totango


Mandatory business attributes

The following attributes are needed for Totango to correctly map customers to their lifecycle stages and segments 

Account Attribute


Data source


Plan the customer is subscribed to

Create date

The date the customer’s contract started.

Renewal date

Date customer contract is set to expire. 

For annual (or longer term) contract only. This is used to generate Pre-renewal customer-lists

Contract Value

Financial value of the customer’s contract (ARR or MRR)

Sales Manager

Name of the Account manager. Totango uses this to establish account ownership

Success Manager

Name of the Customer Success manager.  Totango uses this to establish account ownership

CSM Risk Rate

If using CSM Sentiment in Health Scoring, this attribute should contain the risk-level assigned to the customer by their csm (details)


User actions & Modules

Make sure you review the Customer Health Score configuration to identify at least 2 additional product-usage or business-outcomes metrics to capture and drive your health scoring. 

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