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Customer health summary report

Using the Totango health summary report

One of the key tasks of a customer-success team is reporting back to management and the rest of the organization about key metrics around customer success and health. 

The EWS solution recommends a simple Customer health report to summarize  current status and trends in health for the customer base.

In the monthly health report, you will want to visualize:

  • The current breakdown of Good/Average/Poor health customers
  • How many cancellations did we recently have and how does that compare to the past? 
  • Are we trending up or down in terms of health? 
  • Do we have health related challenges with customers in a particular plan? particular lifecycle stage or product? 
  • Are some of my CS team members overloaded with poor health customers that require more attention? 

The goal is to identify problem areas and opportunities so we can take corrective actions by managing resources and/or launching campaigns  designed to make an impact.

The default Totango report looks at Good, Average and Poor customers and provides a trend over time on their breakdown.


A Cohort breakdown by the account creation date helps us look at progress against cohorts of users, to see if newer generation of customers are showing better signs of health due to product or customer-success efforts


Finally, additional breakdowns based on Success Manager, Revenue or other factors help tell us where there are hot-spots of Poor customers.


Customize the Report

You may want to customize this report by:

  1. Add or remove breakdowns. For example, breakdown by plan, product type or any other attribute that relates to your customer-base 

  2. Create separate reports for different types of customers. For example, a separate report for Enterprise and SMB customers. 
NOTE: The lists that form the segments of this report are all stored in the [Team] folder under the Accounts page. If you add or remove lists, please be sure to add them to this folder to keep the accounts list tree clean.



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