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Managing engagement with individual end-users

Reaching out to individual end-users with Totango

One of the key premises of sustainable customer success is making sure you cater for every user within your customer portfolio, not only your main contact point or business owner. 


Totango provides functionality for doing that by maintaining a separate context for every user within your application, each associated with the relevant account to form the full customer picture. 


This article covers using Totango to manually reach out to customers and is particularly suitable for high-touch environments with a small sized user-base. See our best practices on automatic email campaigns for ongoing customer nurturing for more information on automating engagement for a larger user base 

CSM Portfolio Lists on Users

By default, Totango creates a few lists for a CSM to check-in on regularly with users within their portfolio. For example, a list of all new users (started using the product in the last month) which the CSM should reach out to and introduce themselves.We recommend you:

  1. Review the default and add/remove lists that fit your desired engagement model. 
  2. Update the documented best practices on the list


User Tags

In addition to lists, Totango supports a concept of automatically tagging users based on their behavior with the application, in order to classify them to different types of users. Tags can later be used when creating lists and reports, and show up in the user-profile for CSMs to review.   

The following is the default configuration, we recommend you:

  1. Review the definition of the default tags and modify based on the nature of your application. For example, you may want to change the default period of "30 days" to signify an inactive user, to a longer (or shorter) period if the login frequency for your application is more than (less than) a month. 

  2. Add additional user-tags to signify specific behavior in your application. For example, you may want to create a tag for every key, sticky features in your application to signify which users are using them regularly. 

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