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Design Consideration: Account Status

Account Status

Totango defines a standard attribute called Status, which you must set for every account in your system. Totango uses it to distinguish between:

  • Paying and Trial accounts
  • Real accounts vs. demo / sandbox or other ‘non customer’ tenants
  • Active vs. Cancelled (Churned) accounts
  • Accounts on different plan types (e.g. Personal vs. Pro vs. Enterprise)



- Setting the Status attribute is mandatory. Without it, Totango will not know if an account is an active customer and will therefore not measure the customer’s health or maintain other key metrics.

-  Be sure to explicitly define the possible values for the Status attributes (see below). 

- Totango accounts that do not have their Status attribute set correctly will be classified as “Unknown” and will not take part in daily health calculation.


Defining Account Status Values

You need to define the different account status values supported by your application. These represent the valid set of values for the attribute. To configure the possible values, login to Totango and use the Settings | Status page. 

For each Status value you define, you need to  associated with a status-type of either:

  • Free- Means this is a non-paying account.
  • Paying- Paying account on an active subscription
  • Cancelled - Churned or disabled account.

The recommended values for the Status attribute are listed below. Replace the plan types with the values used in your application.

    • Free
      • Trial - Assuming your application has a free-trial accounts which you are managing with Totango
      • Internal-use - For non-production accounts such as demos or testing tenants

    • Paying
      • Personal
      • Pro
      • Enterprise - Each plan should have a separate status. In this example Personal, Pro & Enterprise

    • Cancelled
      • Cancelled - For any account that has churned


Updating Account Status

Setting Account Status is usually done by associating it with a SFDC field but it can also be updated by setting the Status attribute from your web-app using the Totango API.

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