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Analytics Use Case: Health trend analysis

As an organization tasked with driving customer health across the customer-base, being able to analyze trends in health are obviously critical. You need to be able to slice & dice customer health to identify:

  • Which classes of customers are doing well, and which are struggling to achieve product success
  • How successful are we in onboarding new customers, and are we improving our trends in this regard
  • Which team members are carrying more risk than others. 
  • Etc.

Totango helps you perform this analysis, whether as an executive summary for a board meeting or as an ongoing management tool for the customer success team.

Example - Customer Health across segments

Basic setup
Start by defining your Totango Health Score. Follow the guidelines in the Early Warning System Solution Guide.

Login to the Health Console for a review of trends around customer health.

Segment by customer type
Add or Remove Segments to drill down into specific classes of customers. By default the console will segment the customer base by Health Profile, but you can refine this to match your needs.

From this view, you can also see which customer segment the CSM team is spending their time and attention on (the blue bars in the trend graph ). This can help the customer-success organization understand the relationship between attention-given and customer-health. For example in the diagram below we can see the team has not given attention to Enterprise customers as of late, with a resulting decline in overall health of the segment. 

Segment by CSM team member
Review the Team section to understand the health of each team member’s portfolio. This will help you identify team members that are carrying significant risk and may require help.

Filter to certain customer types
You can drill-down into specific customer types by adding a filter to the console. This will filter the entire view to customers that match your defined profile. As an example, you can drill-down into customers from a certain region to report on health status of your EMEA or North America customers.


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