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Importing data from CSV files

Pulling data daily form your databases into Totango

You can upload usage-data to Totango in CSV files. This is useful for sending totango statistics on accounts on  a daily schedule, typically from a data-warehouse or your application database.


For example, if your application is a content management system (CMS), you may want to pull the following parameters from your data warehouse and update Totango on a daily basis:

  • Total number of articles published
  • Daily page views
  • Daily unique users

These can be used by Totango to determine the health of a customer (e.g. Good health = many articles and lots of readers). 

To achieve this, create a daily job that builds a CSV file in the format:

      account-id, total number of articles, page views, unique users

and posts it to a pre-defined location (FTP, Dropbox, S3, etc.). 

Then use the Totango Integration Hub to pull the file on a daily schedule into Totango. 

Please refer to this article for detailed information on using the integration hub. 


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