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Getting Started

If your organization uses Salesforce you will want to connect it with Totango so the two systems can seamlessly share data. 


Salesforce Data Connection 

Sync data attributes into Totango Accounts directly from their corresponding records on your CRM. This is used to bring critical data into Totango: 

  • Business context: Account status and contract information 
  • Account management: Account ownership and status data
  • 3rd Party data: Any other data-points of relevance to the CS team (example: Executive sponsorship flag, NPS scores) from your CRM

Totango uses this context for customer segmentation and workflow. For example, using customers' renewal dates Totango builds a realtime segment of upcoming renewals with low product engagement. Using account ownership, Totango finds and alerts the relevant team-member whenever their accounts reach this stage.

Integration involves establishing a secure application connection and configuring Totango to pull data from appropriate fields. Get Started


Totango Application

Using the Totango Application provides your team with several key benefits:

  • Key Totango metrics (including Health Score, Engagement, Active Users and more) are available for use in standard features such as Reports/Dashboards, Rules, Triggers etc. Totango syncs these metrics every hour to keep the data fresh.

  • Access Totango’s User Interface for CSMs directly from within Salesforce. Available as both a separate UI tab and embedded within the SFDC Account Layout. This enables your team to conveniently view Totango alerts and account profile information without leaving SFDC or remembering an additional password. 

  • Totango Tags automatically propagate into SFDC fields, which serves as the infrastructure for Automated Customer Nurturing Email Campaigns.

  • Use your credentials to login into Totango so teams doesn’t need to remember a new username / password

To setup, simply install the Totango Salesforce Managed Package. Get Started.

Whitelisting Totango SFDC Servers

Please use the IP address is if you need to whitelist our SFDC servers


  1. You must have a Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited license to install the Totango SFDC Application.

  2. SFDC User with administrator privileges

  3. Totango user with administrator privileges

  4. You should review the design considerations for account & user unique IDs and make sure your organization has selected the right implementation pattern for your infrastructure. 
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