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Validating Data Integration


We recommend validating your and Totango integration are working correctly by using the steps outlined below. The goal is to make sure that Totango Accounts (and users, if applicable) are properly synching with Salesforce records. 

You should do this validation after integration is complete and your dev team has integrated your web-application into Totango.

Validate Accounts binding

Login to Totango and create a new account list. Do not specify any filters to generate a list of all accounts on Totango. 


Open the columns editor on the list and add the following columns:

  • Account ID
  • Salesforce Account
  • Create Date
  • Contract Value
  • Renewal Date
  • (and any other critical attributes you are synching from SFDC)


Validate that all Totango accounts have bound to a counterpart by looking at the Salesforce Account field -- It should contain the SFDC-ID of the relevant account. Review the data attributes to ensure they have the correct value. 


TIP: If your account-base is large, you may want to add a filter or export the list to CSV and use Excel for review


Validate Totango Data in SFDC

Login into and pick an account. Locate the Totango panel within the Account Layout (see example screenshot below). Review the Totango Health, Engagement, Active Users and Usage Frequency and make sure they match the value in Totango (you can view the data in Totango by clicking on [Show more insights]



Next, click on the Totango tab within Salesforce and make sure you can access Totango. Your portfolio page in Totango should show up (see attached)


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