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Manage your portfolio with Customer Success Center

Your new ‘Home’ and daily workflow and prioritization center

Totango's Customer Success Center is focused on productivity and collaboration. We want to help busy CSMs and executives to prioritize and focus on the accounts within their portfolio that require their immediate attention (and by doing so manage a bigger portfolio of customers).  

The Totango app still monitors every account event and evaluates numerous signals of customer health to compute, interpret, and generate alerts that tell you what accounts you should focus on.  Now you also have an intelligent workflow format that enables CSMs to manage their day in one screen and to turn insights into action with one click.  Once notifications arrive in the the inbox, you can create and assign a task to take care of it, pin it to your attention center if you need to do more research, or dismiss the notification if you don’t need to do anything.  We want a CSM to be able to prioritize his or her day in 10 minutes.  Every action taken will be recorded and registered on the account timeline and all users who have that particular account in their portfolio or attention center will receive a notification. 


Early warning system

Log in to find your  personal notifications and updates  in your notifications tab.

Get notified on all of your customer activity related to accounts in your portfolio and evaluate  health changes, new tasks assigned to you (and when they are updated), and new touchpoints created by other users.


To make it easy to process we have built useful filters that  allow you to choose to see only activity updates and/or negative or positive health alerts.


Processing notifications

You can process a notification in one of three ways:

1) Create a task for yourself or assign a task to another user.

2) Pin the account to your attention center to follow up at a later day.

3) Dismiss the notification if it does not require any attention. 

For example:

  1. As a team leader, you can create and assign a task to a CSM.
  2. As a CSM, you can add a touchpoint to the account to log customer interactions before you dismiss a notification.   


Managing your activity 

Tasks can be created by the individual CSM or can be assigned to others.  You can find all tasks assigned to you in the “Tasks Tab”.  

Task are grouped by their due date by default and have three categories: overdue tasks, today’s tasks, and tasks for later.  You can also filter by health status, priority and account value.  

Clicking the task will open the account details expander which contains detailed information related to account timeline and health details. You can also document any additional activity via a touchpoint.  

* The expander is available in all your Customer Success Center tabs - Notifications, Attention, Tasks.


Completing a task

When you’re done with the task Totango will ask you to add a touchpoint to summarize the task in the account timeline before marking the task as complete.

* Tasks can not be deleted, only updated. 


My Portfolio & My Overview

The My Portfolio box highlights the KPIs of your portfolio, keeping you in the know of your customers.  You can see your portfolio quality score along with the number and value of accounts in good, average and poor health.  You can also see the value of your portfolio along with the number of accounts that you are managing.  

The My Overview box highlights your activity and notifications.  You can dive directly into your notifications, attention center or open tasks.  You can see the number of overdue tasks in the red notification above the tasks icon (18 in the example below).


New application layout

The application has a new, more intuitive layout that will make it easier for you to search and consume information in a clear and effective manner.  


The side navigation

The side navigation bar will be your anchor within the application and will always be on the left side of the screen.  



The main search bar

You can still search for anything in the main search bar - accounts, users, reports and lists. Same as you are used to but the results will show up much faster than before.


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