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Getting Started

Use the Customer Analytics solution guide to establish a set of reports and views into customer data that help your SaaS organization understand customer behaviors and take data informed decisions to improve your business.

Totango captures a rich set of data about customers. Product usage statistics, business context, account management information and more are all captured, processed and made available for reporting purposes. Because of this, Totango reports and operational views play key roles in making customer data accessible and actionable.

This guide provides an overview of common types of customer analysis in SaaS businesses, along with the best practices of using Totango to perform them.

Customer analytics is relevant for:

  • Customer success leaders: Track and monitor customer health, forecast renewals and otherwise report on the state of the customer-base.
  • Business analysts: Analyze and report on product trends, revenue and customer health. 
  • Product managers: Analyze product adoption and usage trends during product releases or on an ongoing basis
  • Marketing managers: Identify unique customer personas, measure effectiveness of marketing efforts and customer nurturing initiatives 


  • Ability to track and report on product/feature adoption by customer segment or cohort
  • Track customer-health across different segments to identify areas of concern or improvement
  • Create revenue risk and renewal forecasts based on customer health



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Data Integration
If your Totango is already processing live data, you can proceed to the next stage.

For Totango analytics functions to work, data about your customers needs to be integrated into the platform.

Specifically for product usage and adoption reports, make sure that Totango is collecting the right information from your web-application and product. For example, if you would like to analyze the adoption of certain parts of your product offering, make sure usage of all relevant parts of your product are enabled with Totango collection. Detailed technical documentation is available under Technical integration documentation.

You should also ensure customer business context is added to Totango, so you can segment customers of different types. For example, you would typically want to segment customers based on dimensions such as contract-type, signup cohort, contract-value and others. Typically retrieved by connecting Totango with your (but may also be added to Totango from your web-application or other sources). Read more about connecting Totango with

For customer health analysis purposes, your Totango Health Score should also be customized for your business. Because of this, we recommend your organization implements the EWS Solution to build their health score before relying on this section in the solution guide. Refer to the EWS Solution Guide for more information.



Analyzing data and creating reports
The process of customer analytics, is similar to the sort of analysis you would do with other analytics and business-intelligence products, with Totango’s speciality being the ability to slice, dice & report on a combination of product usage and business data. For example, analyzing how adoption of a certain product-feature (usage) differs between premium and standard customers (business data).

This data-set is particularly useful for these use-cases:

  • Product adoption and usage: Understand which parts of your web-application is being used. Segment across customer cohorts to measure progress. 
  • Health trends: Understand which parts of the customer base are healthy and which not. Identify customer-success programs that are effective in driving customer health up. 
  • Revenue forecasting: Using Totango Health for early forecasting of renewal revenue.

NOTE: The above analysis workbooks use a set of common tools to slice, dice, segment and report on data in Totango. Please review Totango tool for analysis for a primer on the Totango features for analysis


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