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A day in a life of a Customer Success Manager (on-demand)

As busy people, Customer Success Managers need to be able to prioritize their day in 10 minutes. Totango helps busy CSMs and executives to prioritize and focus on the accounts within their portfolio that require their immediate attention (and by doing so manage a bigger portfolio of customers). Rather than taking a traditional account management approach where a CSM has to cycle through his/her accounts every week or month or quarter, or where the focus is on accounts coming up for renewal, this approach allows customer success teams to scale in a smart way.

Totango constantly monitors every account event and evaluate numerous signals of customer health (e.g., business outcomes, product usage, service utilization, support, surveys, etc) to compute, interpret, and generate events (alerts) that tell you what accounts you should focus on. Once notifications arrive in the the inbox, you can create a task to take care of it, pin it to your attention center if you need to do more research, or dismiss the notification if you don’t need to do anything.



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