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[On-Demand] Hot off the Press: July Release Overview - SuccessPlays & Account Scorecards

In this Totango Academy Live Webinar we will be discussing: 

SuccessPlays: Distribute best practices throughout your customer success team automatically and apply them to every scenario that meets your specific criteria. That's the power of our new SuccessPlays functionality. Create accountability across your organization and monitor effectiveness of your efforts as you improve customer health across the enterprise. 

New Account Scorecards: Get best-in-class insights about every customer using Totango's new account profile, which consists of scorecards that are meaningful to your business when evaluating customer success of individual accounts. Get a quick view of important metrics, benchmarking, and configure account scorecards to meet the needs of your business.  This is the next generation of the old account profile, on steroids.

Specifically we will look at how to:

  • Create SuccessPlays and run these best practices automatically throughout your business 
  • Standardize your team's workflow in every situation
  • Customize the way you visualize your customer account profile, create scorecards and establish best practices around evaluating each customer's success

This session will have lots of live demos so you can see exactly how to use Totango to optimize your day to day. Additionally get the chance to have all your questions answered live on the Webinar.

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