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Totango Plans

Dear Customers,

Over the last year we have accelerated the amount of innovation at Totango and, together with our engineering and product teams, we have built an incredible amount of value into the application.  Today we are introducing a new Totango package with more advanced productivity and analytics features for organizations with more sophisticated customer success needs.

I would like to introduce you to ProPlus edition:

Our new ProPlus edition features SuccessPlays - new ways to automate workflow around customer success best practices across your organization. This powerful new addition to our platform allows you to configure best practices and ensure that proper process is followed when certain conditions occur.  This new feature is great for both established as well as growing customer success teams. You can now find it in your left hand application menu under “SuccessPlays”.

In addition to SuccessPlays, as a ProPlus subscriber you can now use Custom Metrics - new ways to establish key metrics that help you measure customer success for your business.

To upgrade, click on SuccessPlays in Totango application, and then click on “learn how to upgrade” button.

I hope everyone is having an amazing summer! Thank you for reading.



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