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Synchronizing Totango Tasks and Touchpoints With Salesforce


Tasks and Touchpoints in Totango can now be easily synced into Salesforce to support use cases where the organization wants to use Salesforce as the system of record for activity history. 

You can also now build Salesforce reports on customer success activities that are happening within Totango.


What does this integration provide?

  • View opened activities, as well as customer success activity history directly from Salesforce account record.
  • Ability to create Salesforce reports and dashboards based on Totango tasks and touchpoints.
  • Ability to use Totango’s new SuccessPlays with Salesforce to create event based triggered tasks in order to automate your best practices and assign accountability.
  • On each task that will be uploaded from SFDC, you will have a new field that will redirects back to the relevant Totango account details page.
  • A task that has been synchronized from Totango to SFDC can be completed in SFDC and the update will be sent back to Totango in order to have a single correct record of task work.


Task completion Bi-directional sync

You can now sync a task completion information from Salesforce to Totango, so now a user can complete a task in Salesforce (only tasks that were originated in Totango) and it will be marked as completed in Totango.

Every completion of a task will appear in the account timeline, if the user which completed the task in Salesforce is not a user in Totango, "A CRM user completed this task" text will appear in the timeline.


  • You must have a Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited license to install the Totango SFDC Application.
  • SFDC User with administrator privileges and API Enabled” permission.
  • Totango user with administrator privileges.
  • Make sure that under event type picklist you have "Call" as one of the options.


Getting Started

Install Totango task synchronization package by following this steps

    1. Install Totango task package on your Salesforce instance using the following link:

    2. Install the package for all Salesforce users.

    3. confirm that you have four new fields under activity custom fields.

    4. Ask your Salesforce admin to change the Tasks page layout and the Event page layout by following these steps::

      Navigate to settings → customize → activities → Task page layout → edit and add the new 4 following Totango activity custom fields :
      • Totango Assigner
      • Totango Assignee
      • Totango activity external ID
      • Totango account profile link

      Navigate to settings → customize → activities → Event page layout → edit and add the new following Totango activity custom fields :
      • Totango Assigner
      • Totango activity external ID
      • Totango account profile link

    5. You are done!  Totango will sync tasks and touchpoints to Salesforce every hour.  They will show up in the activity section of the account layout.


Known limitations

  • Tasks and Touchpoints will appear in Salesforce after approximately 1 hour.
  • The sync will update both task and touchpoints it does not support updating one without the other.
  • In case the relevant Totango users are not defined as active Salesforce users, the tasks and touchpoints will be created and assigned to the Salesforce account owner but will show the true Totango user name in designated field names “Totango Assigner” and “Totango Assignee” (see example image below).


  • Although tasks can be completed in Salesforce and synced back to Totango, other tasks and Touchpoint updates made in Salesforce, will not propagate back to Totango.

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