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Release 8.5.6 - October 1, 2015

  • Fixed: SalesForce Sync rate is now showing when Tasks and Touchpoints sync is enabled. 
  • Fixed: You can now filter tags or activities that has special characters e.g. '<' , '>'.
  • Fixed: Activity trend in some account profiles were displaying missing data at the beginning of the month. Trends are now fixed and the data is fully displayed.
  • Help and Support links are relocated to the user name drop down menu.


  • Improved accuracy of metrics when unicode characters are in use. We improved the accuracy of metrics (active-users, Did certain activities, etc.) when we receive unicode coded parameters. Previously if a user-name or activity was encoded in Unicode characters, Totango may incorrectly calculated it's corresponding "Did certain Activity", "Used Module",  "Active users" or "License Utilization" metrics. The new version correctly calculates the metric. Please note: Totango does not formally support Unicode characters for activity, module, user or account IDs. We advise you change your integration to use ASCII characters only


  • Improved accuracy of Overall Time Spent Metric. We improved the algorithm used to estimate the "Overall Time Spent" by users of an account in Totango


  • Improved accuracy of metrics for usage around Midnight: Fixed an issues where, in certain cases, Totango incorrectly attributed usage happening a few hours before and after midnight to the wrong day. 


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