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Release 8.2.1 - June 25, 2015

This release contains:

1. Calculate health immediately after settings change (Admins only): Totango will now re-calculate health of accounts immediately after the health settings are saved. You no longer have to wait for the daily computation cycle to have the new health scores applied.
NOTE: This process usually takes a few minutes but may take more for a large account-base.

2. New Totango salesforce application (v2.9) - This package contains the following improvments:
a. A fix for broken links in the insights widget.
b. When adding the Totango salesforce tab, There is no need for the "Totango Sandbox" tab anymore, clicking the "Totango" tab will re direct the user according to the proper environment (Sandbox or Production).

3. Resolved a case in which export to CSV in FF and IE browsers were exproted as a text file.

4. Improved error messaging in Integration Hub


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