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Disabling the Totango SFDC Data Sync

When enabled, the Totango data sync runs once an hour, synching data between the two platforms. 

In case you would like to temporary stop the sync process, you can pause it. 


Pause data-sync through UI

Login to Totango and navigate to the [Settings | Salesforce] page, then click Pause integration. 

The integration will remain disabled until you re-enable it. 


Pause data-sync through API

If you would like to programmatically disable the sync process, you can use the following URL endpoint

To disable sync:

POST to the following API endpoint (example CURL syntax provided):



To enable sync:

POST to the following API endpoint (example CURL syntax provided): 



Your API Authentication Key

You will need to provide your api token in order to access this function.

Please see this article for instructions. 


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