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Using Executive Console to Manage Customer Success Teams and Customer Success Processes


Executive console provides a new way to view customer success teams productivity and customer success processes health.

There are 2 sections in the executive console:

1. Health - Health view let CS executives and CS team members explore the health of the CS processes across the customer journey and different customer segments.

2. Team -  Team performance console provides a new way to establish reporting around the customer success activities and to measure the productivity of the CS Team.

Team Performance Console Feature Description

The new Team Performance Console allows teams and managers to get a quick look into productivity and performance of the customer success team, based on both out-of-the-box metrics of touchpoint management and task completion, as well as based on your custom metrics of productivity for your company.

Team Performance Console Capabilities

  • View a team summary of the work completed, accounts covered and selected  critical metrics to measure the overall business impact of the team's efforts 
  • Individual CSM summary of the work completed, accounts covered and selected  critical metrics to measure the overall business impact of the CSM's efforts
  • View individual CSM health portfolio and health trends over time.
  • Ability to sort team members by volume of engagement, account coverage, key business metrics or their portfolio health 
  • Easily drill down into individual CSM metrics to see a list of touching accounts, a list of untouched accounts, and a list of accounts with overdue tasks
  • Select 2 key business metrics for the Team View dashboard-easily from any of your key account metrics, key usage metrics or any custom metric.
  • Use this dashboard in TV Mode to refresh the dashboard every 60 seconds 

Team Performance Console Benefits

  • Gamify your team's performance and productivity
  • View team activities completed over time
  • See the impact of teams and individuals over time
  • Orient your team and prioritize outreach by viewing account coverage

Getting Started And Key Feartures

Reaching the Team Performance Console

To reach the Team Dashboard, access Executive Console>Team from the main menu. 

Team summary section  

In the Team summary section you can see how many touch points and tasks the team has created and completed, what your account coverage is and two metrics that you define.

Individual CSM summary section

This is the specific CSMs contribution to the Team summary section above.

Selecting time frame

In the upper area of the console you will find the ability to alter the time period for the aggregation of this data.

Selecting key metrics to report on


Individual CSM Drill down 

TV Mode


Known Limitations 

  • This dashboard shows only Customer Success Managers defined with “success manager” attribute at the account level.
  • The console looks at portfolios of paying accounts only.


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