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Using Email-to-Touchpoint to Simplify Your Workday


Email-to-Touchpoint provides a new way to record activity in Totango directly from your inbox.  

Feature Description

Organizations and team leads interact with customers in many ways and using many different systems. Customer data and interactions need to be recorded accurately and efficiently in these systems. While email is the primary tool for customer interaction, it is important to capture this communication in other systems like Totango & CRM software.

CS teams and executives will benefit from being able to record customer emails as a touchpoint directly from their email client without the need to switch between screens. The touchpoint is viewable on the account timeline within Totango. 

Feature capabilities

  • Record a meeting summary or touchpoint by simply sending an email to
  • Recording email interaction via cc/bcc 
  • Recording customer email via forwarding to
  • Touchpoint Synchronization with Salesforce: With our integration, you can sync the touchpoint activity into salesforce


  • Save time by reducing the need to move from screen to screen
  • Record customer activity once and sync across your systems - no need to enter data twice!

Getting Started

There's 3 ways to utilize the Email-to-Touchpoint.

1. When you need to log a customer interaction, you can simply type your notes in an email and include the email address of the customer in the subject line. Send to and your notes will be recorded as a touchpoint on the Account Timeline. 

 2. If you want to log an important customer email (e.g. customer feedback) you can forward the message to and the message will be recorded as a touchpoint on the Account Timeline. 

3. If an email you're sending to a customer needs to be logged as a touchpoint, you can bcc: touchpoints@totango and the message will be recorded as a touchpoint on the Account Timeline.  


  • If you do not receive an error message via email, the touchpoint was logged successfully.
  • Touchpoint will not be logged if the email was sent empty.

Known Limitations

  • You MUST have the customer's correct email address of the customer in the To:, Cc:. Subject line or email text. 
  • The customer email address must belong to a user that Totango tracked at least once. 
  • Touchpoints are recorded in plain text and attachments are not recorded
  • This feature is only available for users with a Totango login.
  • This feature will only record the most recent reply in the thread.
  • Emails sent must be properly encoded as UTF-8 otherwise some characters might not appear right in the Account timeline.
  • Touchpoint will not be recorded for an email that has + extension.

Troubleshooting Error Messages

Here are 2 error messages that you may receive and how to fix them. 

1) Email is associated with more than 1 account

Resolution: Fix errors within message and resend OR log touchpoint manually within Totango. 


2) Email address is not associated with any account

Resolution: Fix errors within message and resend OR log touchpoint manually within Totango. 


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    Amie Barder

    It appears that the forward only includes the most recent message in the thread. It would be helpful to at least include the last two (if not the entire thread), so that you only have to BCC the touchpoint email each time you're responding to the customer (otherwise you also have to forward each customer message individually in order for their responses to show up in the timeline).

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