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Totango Integration Requirements for Campaigns


In order to use campaigns effectively, we need to have the following information for all the users -


  1. Email
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name


We can get the above  mentioned data by making small additions to the current integration we have in place for usage data.

You can also upload this data directly to Totango from a CSV file (see below for instructions).



*  If you’re using email ID as the user ID, you do not need to send it as a separate attribute.

* Please make sure to use the exact attribute names (“First Name”, “Last Name”, “email” as specified in the examples below).




If you’re using Javascript to integrate with Totango, you can add the required information as shown in the code snippet below -


window.totango_options = {
service_id: "SP-0000-00",         // Replace with your Totango service code (tenant ID)
user:                             // Start of the USER Array
  id: "1234",      // email address or other unique identifier of the user

 "First Name" : "John"              // First Name for user

  "Last Name" : "Adams"          // Last Name of the user

  "email" : "" // User Email ID
  Role: "admin",                 // OPTIONAL: Role of the user
  Projects: "12",           // OPTIONAL: Roll-up of a given numeric value at the User level

account:                          // Start of the ACCOUNT Array
   id: "102213x",         // Unique identifier of the account the user is part of
   name: "ACME Industries",   // Name of the account
   Status: "Paying",                    // OPTIONAL: status of the account "Free", "Paying", ..




If you’re using the HTTP API to send the usage data from your application to Totango, the following additions to the call will be required to send the data required for running Campaigns -



You can also update these user attributes using the Totango Integration Hub. Simply prepare a CSV file with the following columns and use the Integration Hub (Settings | Integration Hub on Totango).  


User ID, email, First Name, Last Name,, John, Adams

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