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Release 8.5.10 - November 26, 2015

Account profile

  • Fixed: Accounts with changed health in the last day showed Poor health and health trend didn't show the last health.
  • Fixed: Tasks due date didn't change.
  • Fixed: All attributes didn't appear when selecting metrics to appear in header.
  • Fixed: Campaigns IDs were selectable in Account header. 
  • Fixed: Engagement score % appeared multiple times. What it should have shown is % change 1,3,7,1,4,30 and 90 days ago. It is now.
  • Fixed: no open task indicator was a bit of a mess. We fixed that. It now shows 0.

Active Lists

  • Fixed: Activities with double quotes were not visible and couldn't be added to segments. This was both in Account lists and User lists.


  • Fixed: Once a Campaign was archived, it couldn't be unarchived.
  • Fixed: Last sent information for a campaign was incorrect. 
  • Fixed: When unarchiving a Campaign, the warning message would ask if you're sure you want to archive.
  • Fixed: A non white label warning appeared although it was configured and approved in the Campaigns settings. Warning is now gone. 

Health console

  • Fixed: When there was no usage data, segments would appear broken with missing UI elements.


  • Fixed: When entering advanced segment editor with a predefined conditions selected, the advanced editor didn't like that. They now play nicely together. 

Custom Metrics

  • Fixed: Where in use and Delete Metric didn't work.
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