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Putting Customer Success Campaigns Into Action

Totango’s Campaigns functionality is on fire - customers are using it today to support every area of customer success business process. We want you to join the group and create a customer success campaign in Totango today.  It is as easy as navigating to “Campaigns” menu item and completing a simple wizard.


We thought we’d help you! Here are some ideas of how to use Customer Success Campaigns in Totango to drive adoption, retention and upsell:

1) Driving Adoption of New Features

You build great products, but getting your customers to adopt your latest-and-greatest features is no easy task.  With Campaigns, you can now segment and reach customers directly with targeted launch messages based on their specific usage of your product.  What’s more, you will be able to track the success of product launches based on actual engagement with new features and then target customers with different adoption programs based who visited the new feature, who took the time to set it up, who’s started using it on a regular basis, etc.  

Here is an example of a great campaign announcing an availability of the new feature.



2) Improving Onboarding Success Rate

With Totango, you can effectively and easily keep a finger on the the pulse of every single customer implementation.  With Campaigns, you can now guide your customers forward on their onboarding journey with relevant best practices, practical tips, and specific next steps -- and take immediate corrective action if you spot them falling behind.


A great onboarding campaign suggest some key activities that you users can take in the application during the early stages of their onboarding. Configuring one in Totango is easy:

3) Introducing New Users to their CSM

Totango immediately recognizes when a new user is added to your service.  With Campaigns you can automatically send a personal welcome email to every new user.  These messages can include training links and orientation information.  Be sure to check their usage after a week, and follow up (also automatically) with another email if they haven’t got started using your service yet.

It is easy to configure a relevant and personal email campaign addressed directly to the new user in order to welcome them and establish a long lasting relationship.


Here is how a simple introduction can be sent from Totango to all new users on the on-going basis in real time:

4) Promoting and Thanking your Customer Advocates

Run a Campaign in Totango to recognize your customer heroes -- the power-users and advocates who are pushing the envelope within their organizations when it comes to using your solution.  You can identify the top x% of users or admins who are using your most advanced features, recognize them in your community, and send then a nice token of appreciation.

We sent an awesome t-shirt campaign saying thank you to our customers. Here is an example:

5) “We Miss You” Campaigns

No matter how sticky your product, you will always see some users, admins, or even champions who drop off in their usage or sometimes completely stop logging in.  Create automatic campaigns to target these individuals with a personalized message -- while you can still get them back -- soliciting their feedback and encouraging them to get engaged again.

6) “Sorry, We Failed You” Campaigns

Every online service has its hiccups, from service disruptions to poor performance or suboptimal service delivery.  With Totango, you can know immediately which customers were affected and set up a campaign to automatically notify them and/or offer some form of compensation before the situation escalates.

Here is a good example of a service interruption campaign that could be generated in Totango within minutes:

7) Monthly Account “Self-Reflection” Reports

As a subscription service, it’s important that your customers are engaged and getting ROI from your solution.  But often your executive sponsors or admins may themselves be unaware of adoption within their organization.  Set up a campaign to automatically send customers a monthly “self-reflection” report that summarizes their company’s level of engagement, key adoption and ROI metrics, as well as usage benchmarks against other customers.

Here is a pretty awesome way to send a regular reflection of usage and achievement to your customers so that they always have an engaging scorecard from you:

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