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Totango Customer Love Release

Bi­-Directional Salesforce Integration of Tasks

Synchronizing account tasks from Totango to Salesforce is important in order to achieve transparency across all customer facing teams. Now a task that has been synchronized from Totango to SFDC can be updated in SFDC and the update will be sent back to Totango in order to have a single correct record of work. We are also now syncing the priority field from Totango to Salesforce.

Deletion of Tasks

SuccessPlays are able to create a large amount of work based on specific conditions across the organization in order to keep the CS team working on the right things. However people make mistakes, and sometimes administrators turn on incorrect Success Plays. Incorrect Success Plays create incorrect tasks, and who wants to have incorrect work assigned to them?! Our new feature allows users to delete tasks that were created by a wrong success play at the same time as they delete the success play itself. You can now also delete a touchpoint or a single task.

Sync of contacts from SFDC

Some key users in your account may not come from the app itself, and you may need to get this user information from your SFDC. This becomes specifically useful when you want to address customer success campaigns to users who are not users in your application. We will now allow you to sync SFDC users to Totango. These users are going to appear in Totango with a new user attribute “CRM user”, clearly identified from the other users at that account. Please contact to turn this feature on.

Per User Communication Limits in Campaigns

You will now be able to set a threshold for the maximum number of times a user can be contacted via Totango campaigns within a specified time period. You will find this feature in Settings → Campaigns.

Detailed campaign performance stats down to the user level

Users are now able to get details around campaign performance metrics. Details associated with emails delivered, viewed, engagement and goal achievement are now available from within the campaigns performance tab. You can export all of these stats.

Importing campaign unsubscribe preferences from other systems

Administrators are now able to load campaign unsubscribe preferences from their marketing automation system into Totango in order to carry these preferences forward in their customer success efforts. This is implemented as a “Marketing Unsubscribe” user attribute that can be set for any user in Totango.

A better way to manage account and user attributes

In cases where an attribute is synced from Salesforce, it is now possible to delete the attribute from Totango. You will now see the ability to navigate to Settings → Attributes, select an attribute and then delete it.  

You will also see a new user experience for this area.

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