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Zendesk events into Totango [deprecated]

Note: Using Zendesk connector is the recommended and easiest way to connect Zendesk to Totango. See article Zendesk - connecting Zendesk HelpDesk to Totango


Use Case:

Each time a ticket is created in Zendesk, send an event to Totango for that customer.


In order to send support data to Totango, the ticket needs to associate a User and Account. The best practice is to create a custom field for each Organization and populate that field with Account ID's. (You can find documentation on how to upload this data en masse here.) With each new customer joining you'll create an organization for them which will need to be manually created or uploaded to Zendesk. Zendesk also offers API capabilities to fully automate this. Further automation around this can be accomplished by populating the domains field within the organization. This way, each new user originating from the same domain automatically gets associated to the account based on their email address domain.


  1. You have created a custom field in Zendesk under Organization Fields; the field is named OrgID within the instructions.
  2. exists as a required value within your tickets.

Step 1 (Create a new Extension):

Create a new Extension:

At the bottom of the Admin Menu, click on the "Extensions" icon and select "add target"". You want to choose "HTTP target", NOT "URL target".

Title: **Remember the name you chose, it will be used in Step 2.**


Method: GET

Basic Authentication: leave unchecked

Select "Create Target", then click on "Submit".

Step 2 (Create a new Trigger):

Create a new Trigger:

To the right of the "Active Triggers" list, click on "add trigger".

Customize the following drop down fields:

Under the "Meet all of the following conditions" section:

Ticket: Is… Created

Click on the green plus (+) sign and select "Organization: OrgID" from the drop down menu. Make certain to change "Is" to "Present". It should look like this:

Organization: OrgID Present

Under the "Perform these actions" section:

Dropdown 1: Notifications: Notify target

Fill out the URL parameters according to the following picture. Make certain to replace "[Fill in serviceID here] with the serviceID of your Totango instance service ID (SP-XXXX-XX)

Click on create triger, you will now receive support ticket activity in Totango.

Other use cases:

There is further customization that can be made in regards to what events trigger items, and each use case added requires a new Extension and a new Trigger.

Urgent Ticket Opened:

Filter changes in Trigger:

Priority updated to Urgent

URL Parameter Changes in Trigger:

sdr_a: Priority changed to urgent 

Feedback Left:

Filter changes in Trigger: 

Satisfaction: with comments.

URL Parameter Changes in Trigger:

sdr_a: Satisfaction with comments left

Do you have other uses cases? Let us know, we have lots of Free T-Shirts and Totango Mugs that we will reward you with!

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