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SuccessBeat Campaigns

One of the most powerful and useful customer success communications is the ability to offer users and champions an automatic value and usage reflection that can help them achieve more from your product. That’s why at Totango we are excited to enhance our customer success campaigns capabilities with SuccessBeat - periodic usage and ROI communications personalized for each user. Totango now automatically inserts relevant data into an email communication for each user and delivers it on a scheduled interval automatically and on the ongoing basis.

Part of Totango Campaigns functionality, this feature is available to customers on our ProPlus plan.  Here is how it works:

  1. Create a new campaign, and choose SuccessBeat as your template.  Choosing this template will allow you to include special metric cards into your customer communication.

  2. Using SuccessBeat template, you can add metric “cards” to your email communications with customers. These metric cards will appear below the main message in separate bordered cards, before the signature area. You have an option of having one to three such cards appear in the campaign email.

  3. For each of the cards define the metric or attribute that you would like to insert, then choose a graphic and a label for each card.

  4. Preview and test your campaign.

  5. Schedule your campaign to occur on recurring basis with the frequency that best meets your business needs. Remember that a campaign will first trigger at your next scheduled interval after the date when it is enabled.  For example if you enable a campaign at 2pm on Monday, and it is scheduled to be sent weekly on Wednesdays, the first campaign won’t go out until Wednesday of that week.

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