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Segments - a new experience of analyzing your customer base

What's New

Totango Segments are the new way to filter, analyze and act upon your customers and users. It incorporates all the active list functionality with a new and improved user experience.

The "Segments" replaces the "Active lists" in Totango, you are able to consume your current active lists seamlessly.

  • Really easy to consume, beautiful and fast.
  • Includes a new search to easily locate accounts and users.
  • Helps you find any column by start typing its name
  • A new Campaign and SuccessPlay Call To Action

Where To Find Segments?

Segments on the left menu will open the Segments browser

Create a new segment using the "Create" button

For quick access use the application search drop-down


Feature Capabilities

You can create an account segment or a user segment. The feature elements described below reflects the capabilities of each segment (account or user).

  • Filters
    You can filter your accounts / users in order to create your segment

  • Segment Preview
    This section let you understand your accounts segment essence: number of accounts, sum of contract value and their health distribution

    Or number of users, number of accounts and sum of contract value in a user segment:

  • Filters and Triggers summary
    Preview the segment filters and triggers

    Please note, you need to pause the triggers in order to edit the segment.

  • All Accounts / My Accounts
    You can quickly filter any segment on the accounts you own.
    For segments aimed towards CSMs and sales managers, we recommend to save the segment filtered on "My Accounts"- it will open the segment sliced on the user own accounts. 

  • Search for accounts and users
    In order to search accounts just start typing in the search bar.

    Note, in a user segment you will be able to search users instead of accounts.

  • Grouping
    Group your segment by any attribute to analyze a group of accounts.
    Select the attribute from the "group by" drop-down

    You can use column sorting to sort the grouping, and also switch to see only your accounts (with "my accounts" toggle).
    You can also click on the health distribution data to view the accounts.

    You can save the segment in grouping view.
    In order to remove the grouping, and change the view to a list of accounts - delete the group by attribute. 

    Note, grouping is available for text attributes only.

  • Column selector
    Select your desired columns by clicking the plus button located at the right side of the table

    The selected columns are on the right, and you can drag & drop from the column bank on the left (clicking on the column name works as well).
    Reorder the columns on the right side by drag & drop a column.
    The column bank is grouped to sections, we encourage you to use the search in order to find columns, the search finds columns even within activities, attributes and modules - so you can search an activity name right from the search bar.

    Remove a column by using the "x" button located at the right side.
    Once you done selecting your columns, click on "apply" or "cancel" buttons

  • Table sorting
    Click on each header to sort the column, clicking it again will reverse the sorting.

  • Add and remove tags
    You can add or remove tags to bulk of accounts in the segment table.
    Select the accounts by clicking the check-boxes, choose if to add or to remove tags, and select the tags (one or more).

  • Follow a list
    Click on the "eye" button to follow or unfollow a segment.
    Following a list will send a daily snapshot of your segment to your email.

  • Create a SuccessPlay
    We encourage you to monitor and push your accounts forward.
    Creating an automated SuccessPlay will increase your productivity and you will be able to response to any account indication.

    Note, the filters definitions, name and description will be pulled from the segment and will be used as a starting point for your SuccessPlay.

  • Create a Campaign
    Respond and drive your users to adopt your application by creating an automated campaigns right from the segment definition.

    Note, the filters definitions, name and description will be pulled from the segment and will be used as a starting point for your Campaign.

  • Segment settings
    • You can save your segment, add a description, and locate it in the right folder (and even create a new folder).
    • Add triggers to tag the segment accounts, and create an email notification for each account which enter or exits the segment.
    • You can also share your segment with others, or keep it private.

      Note, in a user segment you will be able to tag users, but not create an email alert.

  • More actions:
    Download as a CSV - Totango will prepare the segment data for you, and once it is ready you will get the download link in an email.
    Generate API endpoint - the easiest way to use Totango's search API starts by generating this endpoint, read all about it in the Search API article.
    Duplicate and delete a segment - let you control and organize your segments.

Q: I want to use a current segment as a base to create another one, and I cannot find a "save as" option. How can I do that?
A: Enter the current segment and duplicate it (use the "more actions" button), now change the segment as you like and save it. 

Known Limitations

  • You cannot refresh the list of account / users in the segment table
  • You cannot view which account / user is online

For more information about Segments, contact your CSM.





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