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Freshdesk events in Totango

Use Case:

Each time a ticket priority is changed in freshdesk, send an event to Totango for that customer.


In order to send support data to Totango, the ticket needs to associate a User and Account. With each new customer joining your organization this profile needs to be manually created or uploaded to Freshdesk. Freshdesk also offers API capabilities to fully automate this. Further automation around this can be accomplished by populating the domains field within the organization. This way, each new user originating from the same domain automatically gets associated to the account based on their email address domain.


You have created a custom Ticket field where the requester MUST input the organization ID. You have made this field "Required when submitting the form". (For the purposes of this example, we have chosen to call our orgid "organization id")

Step 1: Observer Rules

In the admin settings window, under "Helpdesk Productivity" tab, click on "Observer." Click on "New Rule" - it's to the right, next to the observer help manual
We suggest naming the rule "Priority of Ticket has changed".
Under "When ANY of these events occur", select "Priority is changed" from "Any Priority" to "Any Priority".
Make certain the trigger recognizes events performed by "Anyone".
For the "On tickets with these properties", make certain the condition field is left on the default setting "Select Condition." Since we require an orgID in the ticket form, there is no need to check to see if it exists already.
In the "Perform these actions" section, select "Trigger Webhook".
Make certain the "Request type" is set to "GET".

Step 2: Populating the rest API parameters

Populate the "Callback URL" with the following hyperlink:{{ticket.organization_id}}&sdr_u={{ticket.from_email}}&sdr_a=Priority%20of%20Ticket%20changed&sdr_m=Help%20Desk

IMPORTANT: The hyperlink is a restAPI command, where the arguments are defined as:

sdr_s=service ID                            this is your totango service ID, make sure to type it out in the form SP-XXXX-XX
sdr_o={{ticket.organization_id}}            this is the placeholder for the custom orgid field in your ticket template (which we use to populate the account ID)
sdr_u={{ticket.from_email}}                 this is the email address of the customer (which we use to populate the user ID)
sdr_a=Priority%20of%20Ticket%20changed      activity performed (the priority of the ticket is changed)
sdr_m=Help%20Desk                           the name of your support help desk
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