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[On-Demand] Manage your Champions with Totango/SFDC User Level Sync and Contact Creation

In this Totango Academy Live Webinar we will be discussing powerful new capability that will allow you to sync relevant contact/user level information to Totango from

This feature allows you to add Salesforce attributes to an existing user in Totango, as well as to create new users in Totango who have not yet had any usage activity.

With this new contact-level integration, you are able to:

  • Determine which contact attributes should sync with each user 
  • Segment customer success communications based on these attributes, such as business function or role, and send more targeted customer communications via Campaigns 
  • Use the contact information gathered during the sales process and carry it over to your customer success processes after the deal is closed 

Imagine being able to communicate with the “key” contacts at an account (i.e. decision-maker, CEO, etc.) even though they are not directly using your product. Here's a quick overview of the specifics of this enhancement and how to get it enabled in your account.

Specifically we will review the following: 

  • Overview of new Settings for SFDC sync and user creation
  • Identifying what user level information is key for your business
  • Examples of powerful campaigns for managing champions

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