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Integration Hub Common Issues

Issue: Uploading a Named Attribute does not update the Named Attribute in Totango

When uploading name attribute account data, the integration hub can be a little tricky. Say you’re uploading an account name. Your .csv file may look something like this:

Once you switch over to the integration hub and click through the screens, you’ll come to the final edit confirmation screen.

When choosing the field mappings, you have to change the column account name, to the named attribute account name that appears in the list.

To select the drop down menu, click on the pencil.  

The highlighted “Name of Account” will always display the column header. The next option, “Ignore Column” tells Totango to ignore any data in the file column and won’t update the attribute. The following attributes are all named attributes, and updating these columns with their respective data from your .csv file will properly update the account information in Totango.

In this case, you would choose the second option for account name, which will push the uploaded account names to their respective account display name.

Other Integration Hub Issues

  • When uploading a .csv file via the Integration Hub, the maximum size of the file cannot exceed 50 MB.
  • The password for a datasource that is used for a daily upload cannot contain double quotes (").
  • The maximum size for the "Account Name" is 128 characters.
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