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Totango for Enterprise - Feature Overview

What is Totango Enterprise Edition?

Totango Enterprise Edition is a version of Totango Platform which allows customers to represent complex enterprise account and product relationship for the purposes of managing the customer success process. In summary, Totango Enterprise Edition gives you all the features of our ProPlus offering, and additionally offers the following benefits:

  • Allows for representation of hierarchical relationships between accounts
  • Allows for managing of multiple products
  • Provides an enhanced integration with your CRM in order to support account hierarchies and multiple products for your business


Feature Overview

The following overview will describe new enhancements to Totango solution as they relate to enterprise capabilities.  This overview includes:

  • Enhancements to Salesforce integration
  • Enhancements to Integration Hub
  • Enhancements to Notifications
  • Enhancements to Health Configuration
  • Enhancements to Account Profile
  • Enhancements to SuccessPlays
  • Enhancements to Campaigns
  • Enhancements to Revenue Center
  • Enhancements to Search
  • Enhancements to segmentation abilities


Enhancements to Salesforce Integration

You are now able to configure Totango integration with Salesforce in order to understand hierarchical relationships between accounts. Totango will use the data you map during the configuration process in order to replicate the account hierarchy that you already have configured in


Additionally, Totango will allow you to map to objects in Salesforce that represent products that you sell to your customers. This could be a custom object, for example, that lives in Salesforce and allows you to designate that a customer owns licenses to a specific product.


You are now able to populate your Totango account with information from Salesforce without first configuring your product usage integration, since account data can now be fed directly from your CRM.


Enhancements to Integration Hub

Totango integration hub now allows you to upload data elements for account data and usage data that include important hierarchy elements such as:

  • Parent ID
  • Account type
  • Product ID

Parent ID is used by Totango in order to establish hierarchical relationships between accounts. There is no limit to the depth of hierarchy that you can establish. This is a great method for you to represent some accounts as children of other accounts and vice versa.

Account Type is used to differentiate between various levels of your account hierarchy.  This is a useful account attribute specifically for segmentation. Because Totango will now have various levels of account data, it would be a good practice to always associate the account type with each account.

Product ID is used to differentiate between various products you sell to customers. This is a useful attribute if you use Totango in order to manage customer success across a portfolio of numerous products.  However, this attribute is not required for situations where only one product is present.


Enhancements to Notifications

Notifications on your Home Page will now include more information when clicking into the notification expander.  They are:

  • Account type information
  • Hierarchy tree

Additionally, Attention Center has been retired and you won’t see this functional area any longer.


Enhancements to Health Configuration

Customers who are using Totango Enterprise Edition will now be able to configure a different health formula for each of the products. Each of the respective health configuration settings will be used in order to calculate health for a respective product account. Therefore, the criteria used to determine health for each of the products used by your customers will be different depending on the health settings you choose. This is a good opportunity for you to consider different signals of health as they relate specifically to each of your product, and include those signals in individual product health configuration.


Enhancements to Account Profile

Account profile in Totango will now contain account hierarchy information at the top of the account profile page. This information will be based on the hierarchy data that you transmit to Totango. You will be able to navigate up and down the hierarchy.


In addition to the hierarchy data, you will be able to see product data on the account profile.  The product data is divided into products that are owned by an account, as well as opportunities.


Product accounts, the lowest in your account hierarchy, will have a health designation at the account level, just like before.


However, parent accounts will show a rollout of health related to their children, and will not have a specific health designated at the account level.


Please note that you can pass any attribute for any of the accounts, up and down in hierarchy, however usage and engagement data is reserved for the level of product account.  You will see in memory aggregations of this data available at the higher level of the hierarchy.  As an admin, you can configure what these aggregation snippets look like.


Enhancements to SuccessPlays

 When creating a SuccessPlay, you can now configure an individual SuccessPlay to assign a task on the parent of the account that meets the segment criteria.  This feature is particularly useful if a CSM is assigned to the parent account and SuccessPlay is based on segmentation criteria around usage and engagement.


Enhancements to Campaigns

You are now able to use account type in all segments, however in campaigns the user information will always be derived from the ultimate child of the hierarchy tree - these are the accounts that have user details.  Therefore, regardless of the account type, when you build a campaign segment, the list of targeted users will always represent users that reside at the ultimate child.


Enhancements in Revenue Center

Revenue Center settings now allow you to select an account type at which your organization will forecast upsell and renewals. This is an important setting in order to streamline your financial forecasting process as it relates to customer success. If you don’t configure this setting, Totango Revenue Center will allow you to forecast at any level of the account hierarchy that has a set contract value. It is recommended that you determine the level at which you would like to manage the contract value, pass it consistently at that level, and configure that specific level to be the forecast level in Revenue Center.



Enhancements to Search

When searching by accounts, you will now see the account type in search results.  Additionally, you will see the hierarchy information.  When searching by users, we will now also show you the name of the account that the user belongs to.


Enhancements to Segmentation 

In addition Totango will now allow you to segment by:

  • Account type
  • Name of the account as it relates to the location in hierarchy
  • Name of the account at any level of the hierarchy
  • Accounts as a result of product ownership 

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