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Manage Your Customer Interactions with SuccessFlows

Feature Description

Totango’s SuccessFlows allow you to categorize and group your customer success team’s
activities and engagements by lifecycle stages and the business processes you define as critical for tracking to improve workflows, team productivity, and overall impact.

While organizations have been trying to define consistent and predictable engagement plans with their customers, the day-to-day of customer success makes it almost impossible to track the execution of such a plan. SuccessFlows by Totango solves this problem.

Customer success managers and leaders are now able to associate the work and activity of their team, roll it up and compare it against their engagement plan.

With SuccessFlows, every customer success activity is associated with a process and a customer lifecycle to create an intuitive map of customer engagement.

Totango’s SuccessFlows is an intuitive and flexible way of tracking your customer success team’s activities, interactions, and tasks by lifecycle stage and/or customized business process. By categorizing and grouping all of your customer engagements, you’re able to see when the last activity occurred by category, filter activities to drive workflows, and view the volume and type of work your team has produced.


Feature Capabilities

  • Admins can navigate to the SuccessFlows page (under settings menu), in order to define and manage SuccessFlows.
    You can benefit from a predefined SuccessFlows, or create your own SuccessFlows that will reflect your customer SuccessFlows.

  • After SuccessFlows have been defined, you are able to use them whenever new tasks and touchpoints are logged.

    A CSM can categorize existing tasks and touchpoints, edit touchpoint content and even delete touchpoints right from the account timeline.

    Once the task or touchpoint is synced to Salesforce, the SuccessFlow will be synced as the task / touchpoint type. Note, the SuccessFlow should be defined as a Salesforce type.  

  • You can easily analyze and track your CS automations by filtering all SuccessPlays and Campaigns by SuccessFlows. 
    Adding SuccessFlows to SuccessPlay newly created tasks will help you focus and prioritize your automated tasks as well.


  • Your account profile includes representation of the last occurrence related to the activity type that you chose to expose at the profile header. This is a good way to provide a meaningful snapshot of key activities to easily identify the customer state.

    Please note, the activity last occurrence is updated only on task completion and touchpoint creation.

  • CSMs have frequent customer engagements that are recorded via many tasks and touchpoints which make it very hard to understand the customer interaction as well as the customer opportunities and risks. SuccessFlows helps you create a clear and focused picture of the customer interactions by filtering by SuccessFlows in your portfolio notifications and tasks tabs, account profile timeline, SuccessPlay and campaigns pages. 

  • Customer Success leaders can benefit from their team’s SuccessFlows usage by quickly analyzing and uncovering what are their team focus areas, and being able to shift customer interaction priorities to course correct. 
    In order to analyze the team focus areas, CS leaders will use team console filters and distribution charts.

    Filtering by one or several SuccessFlows will influence only "Volume of activities" and "Account coverage" metrics. The other metrics represents all accounts and will not be filtered.



You are able to use SuccessFlows in every segmentation engine, including health.
Learn more about it here.


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