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Visibility Of Your Zendesk Customer Support Data in Totango

Feature Description

Totango’s Zendesk Integration provides the perfect solution for customer success organizations that use Zendesk as their help desk system. It connects the data from both systems to provide richer customer context for Customer Success Managers in Totango.

Being equipped with the Totango Zendesk integration allows customer success teams to course-correct their engagements so that customers are brought back onto the right path and proactively help their customers resolve the problems.

Top 3 Benefits of Integrating with Zendesk in Totango:

  1. Automatically connects key customer data from help desk tickets, customer satisfaction ratings, and customer success in real-time to give CSMs a comprehensive understanding of their customers.
  2. Strengthens your early warning system by allowing customers’ support tickets to trigger notifications and customer success workflows that help CSMs modify their engagements with customers if necessary.
  3. Drives productivity by allowing CSMs to have visibility and access to customer support data in Totango without separately logging into Zendesk


Feature Capabilities

  • Users are able to be notified when a new top priority (urgent and high priority only) support ticket is created, solved or reopened

    After being notified, you can review ticket details: ticket reporter, priority, ticket subject, and ticket assignee. For deeper understanding of the ticket, the user can open the ticket in Zendesk by clicking on the ticket link within the notification.

  • Users are able to understand the real-time “state” of a customer directly from the customer account profile

    How to read this example of a customer’s Zendesk Support widget:
    • This customer currently has 7 unsolved tickets (no matter when these tickets were opened), out of them there are 2 top priority (urgent or high priority) tickets.
    • Clicking on each metric will open a trend chart of this metric.
    • This customer has 37 tickets created in the last 30 days ("ticket volume"), out of them there are 14 top priority (urgent or high) tickets.
    • The satisfaction score of 83% is the same formula used by Zendesk, and it is based on the number of good satisfaction ratings divided by all satisfaction rating responses, so 100% is the highest satisfaction score. If there is no satisfaction rating, " - - " will be shown.
    • Looking at the 'Last 3 Zendesk events", users can easily understand what happened recently regarding top priority support tickets. Hover on the event itself to view more details and click on the ticket number open all the ticket details in Zendesk.

    You can review this customer support ticket data in Zendesk by clicking on the Zendesk icon or text. 

    Please note, support ticket data timeframe is preselected for the whole integration, only admins can define it.
    This timeframe influences “ticket volume” and “satisfaction score” metrics.

    Support data is synced from Zendesk every hour, last sync time (which appears at the bottom of the widget) can help the user understand the support data freshness, it can also indicate a Zendesk connection issue.

  • Users are able to review the customer’s support tickets in the account profile timeline

  • Companies are able to incorporate support ticket data into their health formula

  • Users are able to create automated processes (SuccessPlays and Campaigns) based on support ticket data

    For example, a user is able to create a task via a SuccessPlay to alert when there is an unsolved ticket for one of my VIP enterprise customers. 

  • Users are able to create account and user segments based on support ticket data

    For example, a user is able to create an account segment to identify a support storm for all high paying accounts (above 10M contract value).

  • Admins are able to easily connect Zendesk to Totango using a self-service wizard

  • Totango’s native integration with Zendesk can be configured in less than five minutes

Other Resources

For more information, contact your CSM or Totango’s support team.




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