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Selective Sync between SFDC and Totango

Selective Sync Records

If you want to sync specific records from Salesforce, create a formula field of type ‘text’ to bind the salesforce object between Totango and Salesforce.

Let’s say you want to bind Totango via the native Account ID field (Id) with your Salesforce account object, but you only want to sync over records if they have reached the “Client” stage. Let’s say the StageName field api name is stagename__c and it contains the following values: Prospect, Trial, Client, Cancelled. Totango requires that you track both paying and cancelled accounts, which is why we would select the “Client” and “Cancelled” accounts to populate the binding field.

The binding field formula would look like this:

IF(ISPICKVAL( stagename__c , "Client")  ||  ISPICKVAL( stagename__c , "Cancelled")  ,  CASESAFEID(id) , "")

In this formula: If the account StageName is “Client” or “Cancelled”, then the binding field is populated with the ID of the Account and because this field is not blank it will sync to Totango. Otherwise. Note: When choosing what to use for a Totango Account ID, Totango requires that the ID be casesafe, if you intended to use the SFDC native ID, then you need to apply the formula CASESAFEID to the Id field, to make it the 18 character case safe ID.

Selective Sync Contacts

Totango can sync contacts and contact data from SFDC to Totango even if they don’t already exist in Totango. To sync specific contacts, you will need to create a formula field in SFDC that filters out the contacts you don’t want synced. You can use any object which represents users/contacts to bring in this data.

This field will push contact data to Totango only when the conditions match. If the field is blank, it won’t sync the contacts into Totango.

Let’s say you want to sync specific contacts in SFDC to Totango based on their role, as an example role is equal to “Admin”. To do this:

      1. Create a new field of type formula
      2. The name must be “create_user_in_totango”:
      3. ‘Formula Return Type’ = “Checkbox”.
      4. Into the formula field put in: IF( Role__c  = "Admin" , TRUE, FALSE)

Explained: Contacts will only sync over to Totango if their role is “admin”. In Totango, their profile will contain an attribute “CRM Contact” with value “Yes”.  Campaigns and segments can use this attribute to filter out these contacts.

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