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Bug fixes, 8.6.14 - September 1st, 2016


  • Fixed: Junked accounts were resurrected when Accounts creation from Salesforce is enabled.
  • Tagging performance is greatly enhanced and they will now populate much faster with higher reliability.


  • Fixed: a few issues were causing data discrepancies between Salesforce and Totango.


  • Fixed: Cancelled accounts were showing poor health in Segments.
  • Fixed: Changing time scope in column definitions doesn't change the time in the segment.

Accounts Hierarchies

  • Fixed: Account names in activity stream were not the same as in account profile.
  • Fixed: Forecast icon would not show up in accounts that their renewal date is not in a future period.
  • Fixed: Account profile is broken was there's a cancelled account.


  • Fixed: Boxed numbers is now formatted with abbreviation, for example: 100,000 will now be 100K.
    Note that this change only apply to boxed numbers to prevent misalignment. The rest of the numbers will remain unchanged.



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